Hello, and welcome to mlparadise.info. This website is strictly a fan-made website for the actor, singer, and producer named Meat Loaf! This extraordinary performer made his name a house hold name around the world with his unique delivery of songs like "Bat Out Of Hell," "Paradise By The Dashboard Light," and "I'D Do Anything For Love, But I Won't Do That!" Meat Loaf is also an accomplished film and television actor who has appeared in close to 60 films and many well known television series. Some roles you might recognize him as Eddie in the cult "Rocky Horror Picture Show," both onstage and in film, he has also starred in "Roadie," "Black Dog," "Fight Club," and a few others. He considers himself to first be an actor and than a musician. There has only been one person who has describe Meat Loaf best and that person being Rob Cavallo who produced Meat Loaf's album "Hang Cool Teddy Bear." Mr. Cavallo described Meat Loaf as "An actor who sings." If you have seen any of his performances and tours since 1977, you'd know that this extraordinary performer is a very talented and unique individual that has walked this Earth and graced us with his music.